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Working in outsourcing involves the opportunity to develop multiple IT projects, connect with different clients, and work with a comprehensive tech stack. At Growin, you can exchange knowledge with colleagues from different IT areas and benefit from intragroup mobility.

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Q1: What can I expect as a candidate?

You should go through a 3-step recruitment process: first interview with our IT recruiters, then perform a technical assessment with our IT teams, and a final meeting with the management.

Q2: How will you draw my career plan?

Your assigned talent manager will draw it up with you in a flexible, customized way. Career management is adapted to each employee’s profile, experience, needs, and goals.

Q3: Is there a training and skill development plan for each employee?

We have a general program considering the business area we operate in. Besides that, we define specific training and/or certifications each employee needs to evolve their skills and achieve professional success.

Q4: What type of training & courses do you offer?

Mainly technical ones (programming, project management, software quality, analytics: business & functional), but also business-related ones (soft-skills development and language courses)—either on-site or online.

Q5: When does the training take place?

Either during or after work—it depends on the training (if it’s a classroom or online course) and the project you are working on, which may impact your availability.

Q6: Which technologies do you work with?

We mainly work with Microsoft technologies, React, Node.js, Angular, Java, PHP, OutSystems, RPA, Python, and DevOps. But this list continues to grow.

Q7: Are you hiring for a specific project?

Sometimes, we’re hiring for specific projects, but we always have projects in the pipeline for you to join. After recruiting the right talent, we find the best way for you to grow professionally.

Q8: What if I don’t like my project?

You first need to talk to your manager, who will then inform the talent manager. After understanding the reasons for your dissatisfaction, we actively search for a solution that meets your needs within Growin or another JOYN group company.

Q9: What happens after my project is delivered?

At Growin, we see the end of a project as a possibility for new beginnings. Our talent managers support Growinners in their transition towards new career milestones—either a new project or a specialization course.

Q10: Can I work remotely?

Yes, that’s a possibility. We have two permanent offices at your disposal – in Lisbon and Porto (Portugal) – but we also encourage remote work whenever possible. When working with Portuguese customers, it is most likely that you work on their own facilities; on nearshore or other international projects it’s only a matter of arranging an agreement with the client. At Growin, we provide you that flexibility.

Q11: Can I be a part of international projects while working from Portugal?

Sure you can. Our international team is growing and our nearshore projects provide you the possibility to work in Portugal with international clients. So, you can grow professionally from your own home.

Q12: Are there any additional perks?

All our employees have a health insurance plan, the possibility to work remotely. a flexible schedule, extra holidays, free access to internal workshops and webinars, unlimited coffee, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, fresh fruit, discounts in gyms, restaurants, and shops close to the office, team building sessions, and dinners. We do care about our employees' life-work balance!

Finding it hard to believe? Don’t take our word for it.

Our Growinners’ happiness is the best proof of our Great Place to Work® Awards.

Our Recruitment Process

This is how we hire the best IT talent

Hello! Let’s talk. We want to get to know you.

First, tell us more about yourself. Then we can talk about us. What do you want to do with your career? What are your main expectations & goals? What can Growin do for you?

We like you. Ready to prove your technical skills?

Talk to our IT teams and learn more about what awaits you here at Growin to see if it fits your needs and expectations. If so, get to know our team leaders and prove your tech skills. Now you’re just one step away to joining our team.

We want you in our team. Are we a “perfect match”?

Time for a quick chat with our management before we start. If you accept our proposal, you become a Growinner! You’re presented to our team as one of us. We lead your onboarding process and together we structure your career plan.

How does that sound? Are you
ready to grow with us?

At Growin, you will be able to:

Work with interesting & challenging IT projects

That will encourage you to improve your technical skills

Have a well-defined
career path

Where you're the one who decides what is your purpose

Have access to
continuous, company-sponsored training

Whether during the workday or after working hours

Gain access do countless perks

From health insurance to remote working opportunities

Key Figures


We’re 200 Happy Growinners


We have 21,600+ hours of training per year


We drink 1.800+ coffees each month



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