Grow and boost your career in IT

with a dedicated talent management team

Achieve all of your professional and personal goals with personalised career plans, timely performance reviews and constant feedback.

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As a Growinner you will:

  • 1

    Have access to continuous training initiatives

    Develop and master new skills in numerous topics by joining our famous Workshop Training Sessions, open to all Growin employees.

  • 2

    Be given time-off for extra holidays

    We want to make sure you enjoy your work and don’t experience any burnout symptoms.

  • 3

    Obtain a Career Planning Program

    On arrival, you’ll receive a customised career plan based on your current knowledge and professional needs and goals.

  • 4

    Get timely performance evaluation and feedback

    To ensure you’re getting the best training and you’re achieving technical progress, we’ll assess your performance on-time.

  • 5

    Not find barriers or limits of any kind

    Directors and managers are always open and available to listen to your ideas and concerns.

  • 6

    Feel at home with one-on-one relationships

    We guarantee Mondays will soon become your favourite day of the week.

  • 7

    Be taken care of, as well as your family

    Your well-being and that of your family always comes first.

  • If these benefits sound good, what are you waiting for?

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Latest Job openings

  • Functional Analyst

    Our team is in dire need of a passionate functional analyst with proven experience in functional testing (assessment and technical documentation writing) and French-speaking skills.


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  • Quality Assurance Engineer

    Want to grow as a QA engineer? We’re looking for a QA master with 2/3 years experience and knowledge of performance/load testing.

    Coimbra Porto  

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  • Java Developer

    Calling all developers with strong knowledge of web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, Json), proven experience in J2EE, and good communication skills. We are hiring!


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  • Developer OutSystems

    We’re looking for a graduate in Computer Engineering or similar area with 2+ years experience as an OutSystems Developer. Is that you?


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  • Microsoft Programmer

    We’re in need of a computer wiz with a degree in Computer Engineering, Information Management or a similar field with 2+ years of experience in .NET development. 


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  • Javascript Developer

    We’re on the lookout for a Javascript Developer with a degree in Computer Engineering, Business Administration or equivalent and at least 3 years of experience in front-end development ( Javascript, jQuery e Ajax).


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  • Angular JS Developer

    Are you a Java developer with proven experience in Angular JS and knowledge of Bootstrap, Sass, and Less? Then you might be exactly what we’re looking for.


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  • PHP Developer

    We’re looking for a graduate in Computer Engineering or similar areas with a minimum one year experience in PHP development (Symfony, Laravel, and Phalcon frameworks). Click to know more!


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Ready to kickstart your career and get some hands-on experience?

  • Growin University Program

    If you’re a college graduate with a degree or master’s degree, Growin is an excellent place for you to start building a long-lasting tech career. A place where you can develop your skills and work with the best in exciting and innovative projects.

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Because at Growin, it’s never too early to start.

  • Valter Fernandes, Nearshore Technical Team Manager

    Growin, Lisbon

    “At Growin we grow seeds of “trust and opportunities” to harvest fruits of “enthusiasm and dedication”.

  • Henrique Craveiro, Head of Software Engineering

    Growin, Lisbon

    “Growin is solidarity, respect, understanding and inclusion through differentiation. Growin is seizing everyone’s potential through their technical, intellectual or humanistic values and skills.

  • Bruno Ribeiro, .NET consultant

    Growin, Lisbon

    “Growin is synonymous with team spirit, where everyone feels they’re part of something bigger and are always eager to help each other out. Definitely a family I enjoy being part of.”

  • Ricardo Reis, OutSystems Senior Consultant

    Growin, Lisbon

    “Working at Growin means being part of a great team ready to help me and in which my opinion is relevant! Here, learning is a constant, fruit of not only the challenging projects in which we are involved but also the spirit of mutual help that characterizes all employees.”