Free Webinar

Coding Standards
and Their Practical Relevance

Coding Standards and Their Practical Relevance

Learn more about the impacts of implementing coding standards on every code development process for improving your IT projects quality.

What will you learn?

Coding Standards are basically guidelines that a software engineer should use to create understandable and consistent code for high-quality software development. In this webinar, you’ll learn the importance of using coding standards on an IT project from an early stage.

With this 40-min webinar, you’ll find out:

  • What Coding Standards are;
  • What things are not Coding Standards, but can appear to be;
  • Why Coding Standards are so important;
  • Advantages vs. Disadvantages;
  • Benefits vs. Cost;
  • How to use Coding Standards on your IT projects.
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About the Author

Rui Silva, PHP Developer

“Even though I’m enthusiastic about PHP and technology is my area of expertise, my background ranges from coder to designer, illustrator, and even photographer.

I have a logic-driven view of reality from the scientific half of my mind, but I’m heavily influenced creatively through the artistic half. ‘Madness is the playground of the creative’ is my inspirational drive”

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