IT Outsourcing: Money-saving or Innovation?

Among many things, 2020 brought us a new business reality, one in which adaptability became a decisive factor for survival. In the demanding times we are living in (and will continue to live in), everyone wants more immediate answers without compromising the quality they are used to. It has become crucial for companies to find partners that have the capacity to respond to all their customers’ needs in a quick and agile way.

With the need to grow your company and deliver more, higher-quality projects, IT outsourcing is the right way to promote innovation, opening the doors to a new set of skills that will cement your organization’s position in the market.

Normally, when we think of IT outsourcing, we link it automatically to cost optimization. But outsourcing is much more than just a tool for saving money. It’s important to think about the added value that a specialist can bring to the table, giving companies an opportunity to innovate, grow, and outdo the competition.

Predicting, optimizing, and reducing losses take center stage in the definition of a stable and empathetic relationship between partners. Our dependency on technology and digital processes is now more clear than ever if we look at the way we manage our businesses and employees.

Subcontracting (i.e. outsourcing) in some key activities, such as IT, allows for the centralization of internal resources in those activities to make your business model more lucrative without losing quality. Some projects or departments have a periodic need for IT specialists—such as software engineers, development consultants, functional analysts, and project managers—and IT outsourcing fills that gap perfectly, ensuring the stability and flexibility of your company without stressing about headcount.

«Predict, optimize and lower losses, are arguments that take center stage in the definition of a stable and empathetic relationship between “partners”.»

In the recent past, IT outsourcing was almost exclusive to development or other areas not directly linked to a companies’ core business. However, these days IT outsourcing partners provide a broad set of skills to their clients. It is a reality that’s here to stay and one with a natural tendency to grow—not only in the number of specialized people but also in regard to services.

Naturally, the promotion of agile, efficient, and critical solutions to a client depends on a few metrics that will ensure greater efficiency in the development of projects.

Today more than ever, IT outsourcing services represent the right way to promote innovation. As IT companies become more strategic, we start observing a very positive impact from automation and data processing, one with enormous added value for digital transformation. Through technological and strategic support, the benefits that IT outsourcing brings to businesses are valuable and, in some cases, paramount to their success.

Our team knows the technical challenges behind each IT project and is eager to support you in generating value. Our mission is two-fold: the recruitment and career management of all our employees; and project development through professionals specialized in design, development, management, and system support.

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