Software Development Teams That Grow by Your Side

We recruit and retain the best IT talent out there to heighten your business and technical capacity

What can we do to help your company grow?

Simple: we dedicate all our efforts to developing reliable, safe and high quality software. Regardless of your location, we provide 4 service models, 100% adaptable to your needs and goals

Time Materials

Time & Materials

Need to scale your team rapidly?

With our Time & Materials model, you get:

  • Access to highly specialized development software profiles
  • Time and money saved from research, recruitment and training processes
Remote Software

Remote Software Development Teams

Want to save money on your technical team's structuring process?

Team Extension, allows you to:

  • Increase your internal competences while guaranteeing technical excellence
  • Share management and oversight responsibilities of your software development team
Equipe Desenvolvimento

Dedicated software development team

Looking for an agile IT team that can adapt to
your needs?

A software development team, assures you:

  • A flexible team, that adapts to your cultural and technical environment, and understands your needs
  • An IT partner that will grow beside you and with you
Projectos Fechados

Turnkey projects and personalized solutions

None of these fit? How about an IT solution
tailor-made just for your business?

With Turnkey projects, you can:

  • Define the objectives and real purposes of your IT project
  • Monitor those objectives and the KPIs you want to achieve
  • Choose the tech solution to be implemented on your project

A Sneak Peek at Our Tech Stack



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Nearshore Software Development Team For Your Business Growth

Find the right IT Nearshore team to execute your strategic roadmap and lead your business’s digital transformation.

Get to know our business operating model and choose the one that suits your team and your business best.


Outsourcing software development allows you to focus on your company’s core business, save time in IT recruitment, and have rapid access to specialized know-how while keeping your headcount. It’s a simple, effective, and fast solution to overcome a lack of in-house tech expertise.
There are many good reasons for companies to grow their nearshore services centers in Portugal, the most relevant being the overall quality of life and stability, availability of IT talent and language skills, infrastructure, and incentives. As the westernmost country of mainland Europe acting as a door to the European market, Portugal is a gateway to the Americas & Africa, while in the same timezone as the UK.
Growin is a human-centered IT Consultancy company. Our purpose is to develop people who develop technology. That’s why we dedicate our full attention to our consultants, empowering them through continuous, customized training and personalized career management. By helping each employee reach his/her full potential, we improve staff retention and guarantee our teams’ stability.
To allow for a good fit with a client’s organizational needs, we adjust to their requirements, whether by placing our software developers in already existing specialized and/or multidisciplinary teams or by building tailored IT teams to deliver certain IT projects fast, on time, and on budget.
Since our professionals are proficient users in the most common tools, we are very flexible and can easily adapt to our clients’ needs. To communicate with our IT partners, we usually use tools such as Slack, Skype, and Microsoft’s Teams. For the sake of efficient project management, we use tools such as Jira and/or Confluence.
The first step is to understand our customer’s situation and cultural background. By investing our time in discovery calls and other helpful meetings, we are able to respond in a flexible and seamless way, taking into account organizational and project requirements. We treat each of our customers with the dedication and undivided attention each of them deserves, making sure they feel understood and represented.
Our human resources-related processes cover the whole candidate’s journey—from candidates to team members—and employee lifecycle. We have a team dedicated to IT Recruitment and another one to Talent Management. Every career plan is drawn in a flexible and customized way. Career planning is adapted to each employee’s profile, experience, needs, and goals.
In Growin you’ll find a solid, well-established IT service partner driven to seek and invest in the best talent available on the market and in a cutting-edge tech stack. We’re a flexible and ready-to-adapt software development team that understands your processes, needs, and culture. By partnering up with us you won’t have to worry about a thing; we take care of our IT talent with customized training and career planning, deliver excellent-quality code, monitor strategic KPIs, and act on improvements fast.

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Why Guide and Train Our Growinners

Over our many years in the tech industry, we have built up an enviable reputation for providing high-quality training to our people. Wondering how we keep growing our knowledge base? We develop people who develop technology, so we need to keep our priorities straight. That’s why we hire based on talent, and prepare our Growinners for challenging projects. But sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes they are looking for

Growin University

Why Growin ?

We thought you’d never ask..

You should choose us for our principles. For the transparency of our communication. For the flexibility and stability of our teams. For the quality of our software development.

And many other motives that you’ll surely find out, once you partner with us.


Simplified business processes


Accelerated ROI


Increase level of engagement in teams and users


Safe, functional and clean code


Flexibility and high project scalability

And many other motives that you’ll surely find out, once you partner with us.

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