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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

We deliver custom-made digital products to your specific business and technical needs. Thanks to an incremental customer-led development process, we are able to ensure the products meet your customer’s requirements. Even as specifications change by adapting to your own unique requirements and methods of working.

System Analysis

System Analysis

Poorly analysed and specified systems can significantly impact future operations, so our software engineers provide in-depth reports with improvement suggestions, if they spot areas which require such, whilst still adhering to your design guidelines and architectural principles.

Technical Expertise

Service-based Systems

Our software engineers are specialized in building distributed systems, through the use of service-based and microservice architecture. If you are struggling with monolithic legacy systems that cannot reach your web-based customers, we can provide consulting and development services to adapt centralized architecture to web-facing REST based services.

Cross-platform applications

To provide the best mobile experience and native app performance to your users, we use cross-platform mobile development frameworks. This type of app development also eliminates the need to have different development teams for individual platforms, since its code can be shared across several platforms, including Windows, Android, and iOS, maximizing user reach for any given development time.

Scala development

All developers receive intense Scala programming training through our Scala Academy. Previous participants have gone on to deliver production systems for various clients. We have a constant growing pool of Scala talent due to our investment in training developers in the latest tools and techniques. Scala’s mixed object oriented/functional programming model, combined with powerful libraries, allows for faster implementation of more robust systems easier to test and maintain.

At Growin we guarantee

Efficient customer-led development methodologies

Highly stable and committed IT teams

Team adaptability to your preferred development process customer-led development process

High levels of productivity

Software Quality Assurance through rigorous testing and review

Reliable and maintainable clean code

Flexibility through project personnel scalability

Effective team succession plans

Constant feedback and project updates

Effective and accurate metrics

As to Deliver

Outstanding Results

Clear Return on Investment (ROI)

Coherent Reliable Systems