What are the Makings of a Skilled Laravel Developer?

Laravel is a powerful web framework that handles much of the necessary work so that coders can focus on coding, and a skilled Laravel developer can assemble a functional and secure web application fast.

Laravel comes with numerous templates and supports common third-party plugins. The framework can manage database connections and secure authentication. It comes with a lot of the basics pre-configured–database connections, mailing, authentication, translations, template engine, Vue.JS, and many more that demand time to configure every time you start a new project. Another key advantage of Laravel involves its expansive support stemming from its popularity (over 1.1 million websites worldwide are built using Laravel). This makes Laravel relatively easy to use for making beautiful sites.

Laravel offers great performance. With caching by default, your site will render faster. The framework also incorporates features to assist you in storing data efficiently. Even with heavy traffic, your app will work smoothly. The Laravel framework is open source, so you can download it anywhere and at no cost. This development model increases the number of experts looking at the code, thus making it more secure.

Laravel makes for an excellent choice for projects big or small. If you decide to build a project leveraging this powerful framework, you’ll want to know how to identify a Laravel developer with the right skills.

Top Skills of a Laravel Developer

Laravel is a powerful web framework.

A Laravel Developer should have certain skills and knowledge to produce clean code. Among these are model view controller (MVC) programming. This approach has become somewhat standard in web development. It entails separating the data from the features to manage the functionality. The MVC architecture, which Laravel uses, makes development easier and more effective.

They should also have a solid understanding of web security. With cybercrime on a  relentless march, the need for safe coding practices, as always, remains essential. The Laravel framework includes security features such as techniques for concealing passwords. Laravel Developers should know how to use these and write safe code.

Additional Laravel features include database migration and unit testing. The contents of your web app reside in a database which one can move to another server. A flawless migration process prevents data loss or delays. Unit tests automatically verify that the individual components of the program work properly. Skilled Laravel Developers should be able to combine these elements to ensure that the entire program works as it should.

A Laravel Developer should have a solid understanding of web security.

A Laravel Developer should know the framework’s template engine–Blade. This feature quickly produces output from data and requires the use of styling and scripting information for the browser which a competent Laravel Developer should be able to produce.

As an object-oriented framework, Laravel hosts numerous libraries that developers can extend with others. Programmers should have a solid foundation in object-oriented programming, one of the main paradigms in use.

Laravel includes at its core a command-line tool called Artisan. This lets developers execute operations more efficiently than alternative input methods, useful for numerous common programming tasks. The infrastructure of Laravel frees developers from many of the mundane tasks such as maintaining a handle on status information within an application. A coder should nonetheless understand what the framework does, and how to produce smarter business logic.

Additionally, a Laravel Developer should have a feel for other features such as interfaces as well as namespaces. These devices can aid in organizing code to make it more manageable and useful for working on larger projects.

Core Skills of an Expert PHP Developer

The Laravel framework builds from the PHP language. As such, a Laravel Developer should also have mastery of PHP. Many of the largest sites on the internet use PHP, including Wikipedia and Facebook. Knowledge of other PHP frameworks can enhance the skill set of a Laravel Developer. Some of these alternative frameworks include Zend, CakePHP, and Symphony.

The Laravel framework builds from the PHP language.

While Laravel runs on back-end PHP language, several front-end languages contribute heavily to web development. As such, a coder should also have some familiarity with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Additionally, a Laravel developer has an advantage when they know underlying technologies like the Linux operating system, Apache web server, and SQL databases.

PHP uses design patterns, as do other computer programming languages. These patterns constitute recurring logic themes, which make it more straightforward to write as well as to read code. Design patterns make for an idiom in which a Laravel Developer should have fluency.

A number of external tools assist PHP developers. For instance, Composer manages the installation of additional software packages to maintain version consistency. The PHP Standard Recommendation offers several coding standards to keep different programmers on the same page.

Expert developers should also have general skills like problem-solving and communication. A productive Laravel Developer thus has skills pertaining to the framework, the language, and the business world.

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