Debunking 4 Common Misconceptions About IT Outsourcing


Debunking misconceptions about IT outsourcing is an important step.

One of the most commonly cited reasons why businesspeople avoid IT outsourcing is that they believe cultural and language barriers limit more than they benefit. Perhaps several decades ago, that might have been true. But, in the modern, globalized world, it couldn’t be further from the case. Multilingualism and designated representatives are working at the forefront to get businesses better products at a lower price.

Not to mention, you can even outsource onshore—where you outsource to a company within your own country. Same language, same culture, no room for error.

If you’re still weary, however, you can always opt for a US-based IT outsourcing provider (like Growin!) to bypass the growing pains of outsourcing abroad entirely.

The next outsourcing concern is that doing so inherently means lower-quality staff. We get it. It’s difficult to find the right people for your team of IT professionals. The modern Java developer, for instance, requires more than just coding skills. Team members’ skills must also extend beyond the keyboard. Clear communication and the capacities to collaborate and lead are essential. This may seem like a tall order to ask from someone potentially on the other side of the world. But, the reality is that they have just as much stake in your success as you do. Also, it’s a bit narrow-sighted to presume the top talent of your niche is just sitting in your backyard waiting to be plucked, don’t you think?

The reality is that cultivating these skills within your business can take years, and the hiring process is a costly and time-consuming one at that. Turning to IT outsourcing may be your best option to find top talent in the industry.

You can get ahead of your concerns by being proactive. Poor quality from outsourcing typically arises from poor communication, or from clients teaming up with a service producer who doesn’t understand their needs. These issues can be avoided by understanding what you wish to get out of outsourcing. Be upfront about your demands, and agree on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be used to measure success. You also need to conduct thorough research to learn which IT outsourcing provider would be a good partner for your business.

IT outsourcing companies have their reputations at stake, so it’s in their best interests to do quality work. Still, you should always check a company’s portfolio and see customer reviews before doing business. 

Many believe that only Fortune 500 companies need outsourcing and that small and medium-sized businesses should sort their operations independently. However, outsourcing can benefit businesses of all sizes. You just need to find an IT outsourcing provider that understands the needs of your business.

There are several advantages that IT outsourcing can offer small and medium businesses, too. Small businesses that start with IT outsourcing enjoy a jumpstart, as it helps projects get completed quicker. It also grants you access to a large talent pool, and by leaning on the experience of industry vets, you ensure you don’t make time and resource-wasting mistakes. Furthermore, it allows you to easily scale up your business’s departments as you grow as a whole. IT outsourcing can also be a money-saver for small and medium-sized businesses, as you don’t have to invest so heavily in the hiring and training process.

Outsourcing Is NOT For the Big Companies Only

On the other hand, outsourcing can also be useful for small businesses that experience periods that require scaling. For example, a resort typically gets more business during the holiday season and is far less occupied throughout the rest of the year. Hiring permanent IT professionals can be costly during this period. Outsourcing allows you to scale down when necessary without losing talent. Best of all, you can scale right back up again when you need to.

It is easy to understand where this myth comes from. If a section of your business is being handled elsewhere, how much control do you really have over it? How much is a third party going to care about your business? Will they do as good of a job as an internal employee would?

Here’s the good news: the right outsourcing company will never make you feel like you have lost control over any part of your business. Through its transparency and open communication, it should instead leave you with the confidence that things will be handled optimally. This gives you peace of mind and freedom to focus on matters.

Far from compromising your business, outsourcing can provide your business with a valuable outsider perspective. For example, Growin’s Portugal-based headquarters gives your business industry-leading insight and expertise. This is because European countries make up 80% of the global share of cutting-edge skills in business, technology, and data science. Outsourcing could enable your company to notice gaps in the market before your competitors do.

Of course, security is always a concern. You maintain privacy and security by ensuring you and your IT outsourcing provider follow proper security protocol. Additionally, the security standards of your business and the outsourcing company should be aligned. Outsourced team members should sign NDAs to legally protect your business’s sensitive information.

As you know, finding skilled workers isn’t easy. Even if you do manage to find the fabled unicorn employee, 46% of new employees fail within 18 months. This kind of turnover is incredibly costly, making IT outsourcing an even more valuable choice for anyone looking to save money while equipping their business with the best talent.

Our dedicated and experienced IT team can help you grow your business. With Growin by your side, you can rest assured that your business is in exceptional hands, as we have recently been distinguished as a Top B2B company in Western Europe. Our remote teams can help you extend or build new ones to meet your business’s needs. Growin’s personalized solutions can help you save money while scaling fast. Contact Growin today!

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